Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New Mission in Life

Jay and Lois received a Mission Call in June 21013 to serve as Senior Missionaries in Bangkok Thailand. We report to the Missionary Training Center in Provo Utah 28 October 2013.  We are having fun preparing for this wonderful opportunity to serve the Lord and the Thai People.  As some may know Jay served as a young Missionary in Thailand between 1975 and 1977.  We have been called to serve in the Mission Office as Office Specialists for 18 months.  This means we will be doing administrative and financial work. We will support the Mission President and his wife.  President and Sister Senior have been in country since July of 2012 and will serve thru June 2015.

Retirement has come

Retirement from the Boeing Company has finally occurred. After 32-1/2 years Jay has finished going to work every weekday morning. Jay started as a Structural Design Engineer on
a transporter for the then named MX Ballistic Missile. Jay worked as a Structures Design Engineer for 14 years on various Boeing Defense projects. Boeing promoted him to management in 1995.  Jay completed his Boeing Career as a Senior Engineering Manager for the US Navy P-8 program. Over the years he has worked on several Ballistic Missile transporters, Aerospace Ground Support Equipment, Missiles, Satellites, Launch vehicles (Rockets), and the Sea Launch Homeport Facilities (Civil Engineering construction project). For the last 12 years Jay has been managing all parts of Design, Fabrication and Assembly of military airplanes for various governmental entities around the world.
When I got home Lois had posted a Sign on the Garage Door saying Welcome Home. Note the  Calendar: Sunday first day of the week followed by a bunch of Saturdays for the whole month.