Thursday, February 26, 2015

Really Big Elephant in Bangkok

Recently our Granddaughter Clara mentioned to us via Skype that she read in  a book that there is a very large building in Thailand that is shaped like an elephant.  We had not been aware of this until she told us.  So we put it on our list of planned Preparation day activities to go and find this building.  It turns out that it is not far from the Underground MRT line.  So last Saturday we stopped at the nearest MRT stop (Pahoyathin Station) and set off on foot to see this landmark in Bangkok.

As we got closer we were able to catch glimpses of this unique building.  This building is also known as the Chang Building (The word for Elephant in the Thai Language is Chang). The Elephant Tower is 335 feet high and 560 feet long. It's a national landmark that references the elephants and symbols of elephants that have been an integral part of Thai culture, industry and religion for centuries

Picture taken from a pedestrian overpass

 There is a building in Atlantic City New Jersey that was built in the shape of an elephant.  For over 100 years Lucy the Elephant bulding was the world's largest elephant-shaped structure. That changed in 1997 with the opening of the Elephant Tower in Bangkok Thailand, which according to Bangkok Post and Architectural Digest, has since become "the most talked about building in Thailand" and a national icon as well as the world's largest elephant building.

The building has 32 floors and is 335 feet high, it was completed in 1997. The Elephant Building was awarded no.4 for the "20 World's Most Iconic Skyscrapers" by CNNGo in February 2011.

The tusks house the offices of the bulding's management company.

The building consists of offices and luxury condominiums on 32 floors. It is 560 feet long and 130 feet wide.  The elephant building has 7 parts:
  • Tower A (Office)
  • Tower B (Office)
  • Tower C (Residential)
  • Top Floor (Luxurious residential suites)
  • Recreation Ground (Swimming Pool & Gardens)
  • Shopping Plaza, Bank & post office
The ears are actually multi-storied balconies, its eyes are huge windows.
The eyes have some kind of suspended item in them that sparkle in the sunshine.
The tail is comprised of 20 stories of smoked-glass enclosed rooms jutting from its rear.
Yes it looks like the Disney land Castle
On the walk back to the MRT Station we noticed this building across the street.  It looks like it has been around for a while.  We do not know it's original use,  but currently on the grounds of this building they are operating a go kart track.

Thanks Clara ..... we had fun seeing the Elephant Building.