Saturday, March 28, 2015

Young Single Adult activity

Tonight the Asoke Branch held their first Young Single Adult Activity.    Several weeks ago, I had the privilege of calling the Young Single Adult Representatives for the Branch.  They were sustained and I was blessed with the opportunity to set them apart.  We met and then planned the first activity which was held today.  We had a good turnout about 40 people.  We started the activity everyone introducing themselves.  The first game we played was a ping pong ball game.  We used a round table with about 8 people around it with a Ping pong ball in the center.  The object is to make the ball go off the table to the right of your opponent not using you hands only blowing the ball.  If the ball went off the table to your right you are then out of the game.  As fewer people are left it gets harder to protect your right side.  It was fun. We had two tables and many participated.

Talented Artists

The second activity was the brothers drawing pictures (on a white board) of a selected female and the Sisters drawing pictures of a selected guy. Two separate sisters elected to draw a picture of me.

Brother Breeze - Branch Single Adult Rep with the Picture of the guys made by the Sisters

Do you see the likeness - this one was described as Elder Meeker currently
The skinny guy next to Lois was described as Elder Meeker when he was a young Missionary

After the activities we had Brownies and Juice - a fun successful activity.  They were excited and started to think about and plan the next activity. 
Side Story - I think the Young Single adults got the message that these activities are meant as an opportunity to meet a potential spouse.  They had fun with the introductions of themselves and emphasizing that they were single.  In fact, I met a Returned Missionary at Church last week (has been home for several years).  He was visiting our meeting from a neighboring ward.  He mentioned that he is looking for a wife.  So I told him about our YSA activity this week.  He said he would come.  When he arrived tonight he said he kept his promise and came.  After the activity he was excited about future ones and even suggested some dancing for the next activity