Friday, October 25, 2013

Language Immersion Completed

The mini version of language immersion has been completed.  In other words, the week we spent here with our Language Tutor (Thai translation " special teacher") Jordan Ritchie[see picture] and other volunteers who spoke Thai with us has been completed.  The real language "immersion" begins when we get to Thailand where we will be surrounded by a majority of Thai language speakers (the 6.9 Million Thai speaking citizens who live in Bangkok). 

We get to spend the weekend with Josh, Amy and our 16 month old granddaughter Gwen. She is such a jewel. She is always happy.  She dances to the NCIS theme song and shouts out the name "Abbey"  - the forensic scientist on the show. When she wants to show you she is strong she grits her teeth, puts up her arms, and shivers as she flexes her arm muscles.  Adorable!

We enter the Senior Missionary Training Center  (MTC) on Monday morning.  We will then begin our formal training as Senior Missionaries.  We will be in the Senior MTC Monday through Friday.  We get another weekend off and then have a four day Office Specialist training the following week before flying to Thailand on Friday November 8th. 

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