Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sunrises from the Balcony

Our 22nd floor condominium balcony faces to the east.  So each morning, I have the opportunity to see the sun rise as we return from exercising.  The exercise room is on the 27th floor. It is still dark when we start exercising at 6 AM.  We get to see the sunrise as we eat breakfast and get ready for the start of the day,

Thailand is known for many things but one of the many things I enjoy is the Sunshine.  It has been below average temperatures for the last several weeks.  Very comfortable by my standards but unseasonably cold by Thai standards. It is mid 80's during the Day and down into the 60's at night. 
Enjoy the pictures. 


  1. ถ่ายภาพได้สวยงามมากครับ

  2. Really want to know what happened next. Your adoring fans await a new post.