Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter in Thailand

Today, Saturday I was privileged to attend the Bangkok Stake Easter Program. 

Easter in Thailand in general is very low key.  They are aware of the Easter bunny and candy. But since the country is 95% Buddist they have very little knowledge about our Savior Jesus Christ.

The program was put on by the Bangkok Stake.  It wa intended for members and investigators to gain additional appreciation and knowledge about Jesus Christ.  It was amazing.  It was a mixture of Music and dramatic acting. 

At the very beginning they showed a short Video "Because of him" it was made with Thai Subtitles for the Showing in the Church.   Because of Him Video

The speaking portion of the program started with a testimony by Sister Senior the wife of our Mission President.  President Senior was the next to speak.  After he was completed, the final speaker was the Stake President - President Sarawut.  Then we were blessed with the opportunity to watch a church Video about the Crucifixion of the Savoir.   Then the program moved to a full on theatrical production with live music and lighting. The crew projected scenes on the wall behind he actors.  It was scenes from the Saviors life and then scenes from Book of Mormon.  The actors were dressed in authentic looking costumes.  They even had sound affects.  Sister Meeker was surprised by the Thunder and the flashing lights depicting lightning as mentioned in the Book of Mormon at the time of the Saviors Crucifixion.  Another amazing fact was the number of recent converts who acted and sang in the choir.  The brother who played Nephi is not yet a member and will be Baptized next week.  The feeling and dramatic affect projected by the actors with their lines and demeanor was magnificent.  I now speak the Thai language well enough that that feeling came thru to me also.  

President and Sister Senior
Choir and Actors gathered afterwards for pictures

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