Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Preparation Day Continued - Hanging out with the animals

As pat of our Preparation Day Activities at Flight of the Gibbon (see previous post) we visited the Khao Khiaw (Green Hill) Zoo.  There were lots of animals to see and many you could feed.  Quite a bit different than zoos at home where you have no contact with the animals. During the Zoo tour we were in a open sided large golf cart. Our Van driver doubled as our tour guide for the Zoo.

Our Driver and Van that brought us from our Condo in Bangkok
Flamingo - wow those are long spindly legs!

Colorful Igauna

Yes your are welcome to feed the deer

Hippo waiting to be fed
Binturong - sometimes called a Bear Cat

Elder Moleff watching Sister Moleff getting up close and personal with her camera and the Giraffe
Watch that tongue strip those leaves - Yes they will sell you items to feed the animals
Pride of White Lions

Sister Meeker admiring the Rhino - Or is it the other way around?

Elder Moleff assisting in the feeding of corn on the cob to the Rhino

Sister Meeker feeding Sugar Cane to the Elephants one piece for each of the three

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