Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dinner on the Street

Lois sitting in in our sidewalk "booth"
We had dinner on the street tonight.  Literally on the street.  Temporary tables with stackable plastic stools set up on the sidewalk.  The Kitchen was a portable cart.  It seemed like a husband and wife partnership.  The wife cooked and the husband served us our food and drink. Those lights you see in the background are headlights of the slowly moving traffic.  Gridlock traffic is normal in the evening. Yes they are coming at you on this side of the street. They drive on the opposite side of the street here.
I ordered Fanta Green pop - they did not have Fanta so we got Est brand pop that was green. Note the metal cup in Lois' hand. They serve the cup with Ice and a short straw.  You pour the pop or water from the bottle into you cup.  The Est was very close in flavor to the Fanta green - but not exactly the same. Fanta Green is made from various fruit juices thus the - Fruit flavor that I can best describe as Bubble gum flavor. 
We ordered  Phat Thai Noodles with Shrimp and also pork fried rice. Lois and I shared each other's plates.  Marvelous food for the grand total of $3.00. 


The aftermath
Note the garnishments on the table.  First you need to know that they provide a soon and fork to eat with.  You are expected to eat with the spoon and push your food onto your spoon with the fork.  The spoon is bigger than the standard spoon you are used to in the US. The basket with the spices: You can spoon on Thai Fish Sauce - salty, Ground dry peppers - very hot, or some sugar.  In the white bowl with the lid you will find small sliced very hot peppers floating in Thai fish sauce.
This is my favorite --- salty with just the right amount of hot.  I also enjoy squeezing the lime juice on my food. It provides a nice contrast.

Selfie taken after the satisfying Thai Food
After the meal I took some shots of the surrounding area.

View from pedestrian overpass - yes those are wires in front of you - lots of them.

Food cart that prepared our food is in the center of the picture

To the right of the green light behind three phone booths is where we sat on the sidewalk

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