Thursday, February 13, 2014

Old Heads Again

Monday evening Lois and I were invited to President and Sister Seniors Home to have dinner.  The purpose of the celebration was to honor Elder and Sister Hart and Elder and Sister Seangsuwan.
Elder and Sister Hart have completed their 23 month Mission serving in Thailand as Member Leadership Services Missionaries.  They were assigned to the town of Udorn in Northeastern Thailand not far from Laos.  He was a counselor in the Udorn District Presidency.  She taught Piano throughout the District.  Elder Hart previously served a mission in Thailand.  He is listed as the 30th missionary to serve in Thailand.  He came in the same group as Elder Sowards.  They arrived in Thailand in January 1970.

Elder Hart, Elder Sowards, Elder Seangsuwan, Elder Meeker

Back row: Sister and Elder Sowards, Elder Gibson, Elder Seangsawan, Elder Hart, Elder Marvel, Elder Manning, Elder Meeker, President Senior.
 Front row: Sister Senior, Sister Goodson, Sister Seangsawan, Sister Hart, Sister Marvel, Sister Manning, Sister Meeker.

Elder and Sister Seangsuwan are native Thais.  He was serving as a young single missionary when I arrived in Thailand 38 years ago.  He married his wife shortly after completing his mission and went to school at BYU Hawaii.  He raised his family in Utah and then they served a full time Senior mission here in Thailand. After he and his wife returned from their full time Senior mission they decided to return to Thailand.  They were called on a District Mission (equivalent to a Stake Missionary).  As of the end of February they will be released from their District Mission.  They will continue to live in Thailand.  Brother Seangsuwan will continue to serve as a Counselor to the Mission President - President Senior.

If you want to know more about Brother Seangsuwan, you can read about his book (or even purchase it).  It is entitled Monk to Missionary.  Link to website:
Publisher of Brother Seansuwan's Book

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