Saturday, May 3, 2014

Mom and Dad Thanks for my Name

Elder Meeker on the Streets of Bangkok
I am aware that Mother's Day is coming up in a few Days.  Fathers Day is of course next month.  I have always been grateful for my Name - JAY.  Mom and Dad - thank you for my name.  Even as a child I appreciated having a name that was somewhat unique - but not strange.  My parents told me that I was named after a great Uncle from South Dakota.  Dad said he always had liked the name when he became aware of his uncles name. Recently at Transfer meeting I used my last name as part of my presentation to the Missionaries.  As part of transfer meeting President Senior asks that I address the Elders and Sisters regarding any administrative issues we may be having.

What does the Sign on the Median Say?

Oh - It says I cannot walk here without a ~ $6.00 Fine

So I put up the translation of my last name "Meeker"  The person who is more meek.  There is no direct translation but there are several words that are close in Thai.  I used อ่อนโยน (which translates as gentle, tender, mild, benign, soft, meek) it also translates as ว่าง่าย (which translates as meek, pliable, pliant, submissive, tractable, compliant).  But I reminded the Missionaries that I am not pliable.  I should have added except I am pliable when it comes to my family.

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