Sunday, June 1, 2014

Lunch on the road

I have to admit I do like Thai Food. I especially like what we can get it from mom/pop type restaurants and street vendors.  Some of the Senior couples are more cautious.  I under stand their concerns.  However, I have never been very sick in Thailand. If you do not take advantage of the many food experiences you may be missing out some unique experiences.

Elder and Sister Moleff, Sister Meeker, Proprietor and helper

Example - I had Lunch with 4 missionaries in Bangkhae on Saturday ( I helped them move).  None of them had ever experienced Fanta Green pop.  I love this flavor of pop.  When I returned home from Thailand years ago I described the flavor as Bubble gum. It is actually a mixed fruit flavor.  I purchased a bottle at lunch and shared some with several of the Elders. They liked the flavor.  Elder Beatty said yep - Bubble gum flavor.  Elder Ryan Johnson - a greenie liked it so much he bought a bottle for himself.  When he finished, he asked what Fanta Red pop tasted like.  So he purchased a bottle of it to try it out.
Yes they name a lot of their flavors by the color.
Proprietor with Helper - immigrant from Vietnam

On our trip to Northeastern Thailand (Udorn) we were traveling between cities and it came to be lunch time.  So I convinced Lois and our traveling companions Elder and Sister Moleff to stop at this roadside market for Lunch.  It looked like it was more active during the evening hours but we did get lunch.  I had Fried Chicken and Rice.   After we ate I asked to take a picture of the Chicken soup that they were cooking.  Notice the Size of the pot.

This restaurant did not have pop to sell other than coke.  I was about to walk to nearby store to buy a cold drink and they went to get it for me.  Service!

By the way ---- total lunch for Sister Meeker and I including the drinks ~ $3.00.

Enjoying lunch

 Chicken (Fried for Elder Meeker - Baked for Sister Meeker) and fried rice - Note Fanta Green Pop

Large pot of Chicken stock - note floating Chickens

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