Saturday, June 7, 2014

Preparation Day at the Condo

Sister Meeker went to China town this morning. She went shopping with several Senior Sister missionaries along with a Thai sister ( Supreeda - Service Center Office Administrator) who guided them.  So I got to spend the day alone. I did some cleaning - vacuuming and such.  My major accomplishment was to finish the wash that Lois started before she left.

Notice - no white shirt - haven't left the condo today
As usual on my Preparation day I wrote Emails to several Thai Missionaries in our mission.  They get very few emails from their families as a whole.  Some Thai Missionaries get no email other than the email response from President Senior to their weekly email to him.  I remember how Jason said he minimized his time at internet shops on his P-day because his Brazilian companion had no one to write to or get a response from. 

For lunch I had leftovers - fried potatoes, steamed cauliflower and some chicken chunks.  I served them with several sauces. Mustard sauce for the cauliflower.  Barbecue sauce for the chicken and of course ketchup for the potatoes.  For dessert, I  finished off the graham crackers that Eric's wife Kathryn had sent several months ago.  I just needed some left over frosting to eat them with. 

Wow ..... did I miss that experience.  Quite often in my past existence (working life) Lois would make cookies or brownies for me to take to work to have as desert as part of my lunch.  When we did not have cookies/brownies she would quite often make me graham cracker cookies. This is accomplished by liberally applying frosting to one graham cracker with another graham cracker put on top.  So in essence it was a graham cracker and frosting sandwich.  Served with cold milk ..... one of my favorite things.  Thanks Kathyryn for sending the graham crackers.  I had three crackers that were mostly intact after the journey in the mail. 

Sister Meeker came home after a successful shopping trip.  She has had her eye on this Thai nativity set for a while.  Turns out they did not find what they were looking for in China town so they went to Jutajak market. This market is a weekend market that has hundreds of vendor stalls.

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