Saturday, July 26, 2014

Teaching English

We as Missionaries in Thailand teach English every Tuesday Night.  We have a Website called or Thailand Free English Class.

We teach every Tuesday night at every chapel in Thailand.  We generally start at 6:30 PM and go till 8 PM.  It is Free to anyone who wants to attend.  If they want to buy a book that we teach from - it will cost them 40 Baht ( ~ $1.20).  The Thai government appreciates our program of teaching English for free. We use it to foster good will and it does help in our ability to get 1 year non immigrant Visas ( it is renewable) for the missionaries. At this time we are authorized up to 200 non Immigrant Visas at  a time.

Ever since we arrived in Thailand Sister Meeker and I have been teaching English each and every
Tuesday night.  There are three class levels offered. Beginning, Intermediate and advanced.  We started out teaching the intermediate class.  After several months at that, we were "promoted" to teach the advanced class.   The manual we teach out of has 24 lessons.  We have gone thru many of the lessons in the manual twice.    We started out in a classroom that was very small and we had to have rows of students.  We finally arranged for a bigger space and now have one third of the cultural hall. This allowed us to have everyone in the front row.

Today the Missionaries have had great success in finding individuals who are prepared to accept the gospel.  Many students have met the Missionaries thru English and then go on to take the discussions and join the church.  However at the present time, Street contacting is the major source of the investigators that meet with the missionaries.

I truly do enjoy teaching conversational English. We try to make it fun for the students and the goal is to get them to talk more.  Most of them have a good background in the theory behind English and understand the grammar rules.  They just do not know how to speak very well.  They especially do not understand all of the exceptions to the rule in English.  I get to learn a few words in Thai as I teach them English vocabulary.

Sister Meeker writing the lesson plan on the Whiteboard prior to class starting
Students - intently listening to Sister Meeker's explanation

One Hungarian student (far left) the rest are Thai Students

Most of the students go by a nick name - they call it play name. This is not just for our sakes.  They use these names in their everyday life.  We have No Name, Eve, Mint, Ink, Bakery, Green Tea, and Blue just to name a few. 
On the left side of the white board you can see some of the students names
that were there at the beginning of class

I have received a new calling in the Branch that requires my time to spent elsewhere on Tuesday evenings. Therefore we will not be teaching English on a regular basis any longer.  The Students were quite disappointed.  Other missionaries will be teaching the advanced class starting next week..

After our last class

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