Friday, July 4, 2014

Yes they have July 4th in Thailand

The calendar works the same here in Thailand as in the US,  So yes there is the fourth day of the seventh month.  However, it is not a holiday.  But we as American Citizens did celebrate the event of the Birth of our Nation.  We started out by purchasing donuts and taking them to the office to share in the morning.  We bought them from a place called Mr. Donut.  Sister Meeker prefers the cake donuts over the raised donuts.  I especially liked the Chocolate Cake donut rolled in sweetened coconut flakes.

Note the Red, White and Blue Color Schemes
This evening all of the Senior missionaries from Bangkok (and also Ayuthaya) got together for a meal at the Mission Home. President and Sister Senior hosted us. There were 14 of us all together. We had Hamburgers, Baked Beans, Potato chips and Dip, potato salad (Sister Meeker), and even 7-up Salad (Sister Meeker).  We had Milkshakes and Raspberry Tarts for desert.

When we were deciding on what to wear today with our limited wardrobes as Missionaries we had to be a little innovative to get the Red, White and Blue Colors.

My Red Tie actually has snowflakes on it - So I imagined them as bombs bursting in air.

Sister Meeker found a Blue tie in my closet that she adroitly added to here fashionable wardrobe for the day. 

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