Monday, November 11, 2013

Meeker's are now in Thailand - Really

I arrived in Thailand 38 years and 4 days after my first missionary arrival.  Attached is visible proof the Jay and Lois (I mean Elder and Sister Meeker) are actually in Thailand. Note the Thai Airways Sign behind us -- yeah the one that says Lost and Found. President and Sister Senior were getting worried that they had lost us.  We were more than an hour from landing to getting out thru customs.  Essentially one of our five bags did not arrive on the same plane as us. This last bag made the next plane out of Hong Kong it landed less than an hour after us.  We then waited another hour with President and Sister Senior outside Customs for the Airline to collect the bag and bring it to us.  So we and our Bags were lost and then found.

Lois and I were driven to town, experiencing President Senior's driving of the mission van.  He describes himself as an aggressive driver.  I would concur ... he fits right in with most of the Thai drivers that I have observed in the past.

We got into town in time to attend the last 20 minutes of the Asoke Ward Sacrament meeting. Elder Woo an area authority seventy living in Singapore was visiting and was the last speaker. Since he spoke in English, there was a translator there doing it in Thai.  I was pleased as I understood essentially everything that the translator spoke. Of course it really helped that I listened to the talk in English before the translator spoke the words in Thai.   Sister Senior then took Lois to the Hotel room to crash and I went to Sunday School and Priesthood meeting. I did fairly well in following along at the Thai lessons. We were then blessed to have Dinner at President and Sisters Senior's home ( the Mission Home).  Got to know them better.  It will be a pleasure t serve with these fine people. 

I had a good night's rest and I am over the jet lag.  Not so sure about Lois as she is in bed and sleeping at about 8:30 PM. 

President Kaivatana (President of the Bangkok North District) called me at the office today. He is Sister K's father.  Sister K (real name - Benjarin Kaivatana ) is the native Thai Missionary that was assigned to the Lincoln Ward back home.  We were carrying some letters and small gifts from Sister K. President K called to work out the delivery  I ended up delivering the items to Sister Wan who works in our building for the Area Office. She lives upstairs from President K.  President K was very impressed with my Thai Skills.  He said my tones and other pronunciation was very good.  I suppose he expected something a little rougher since I had not spoken Thai for over 36 years on a regular basis.

Elder and Sister Jones were a real treat to get to know in person today,  They provided training in the office, they took us to lunch and we toured some other businesses that they do patronize.

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