Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekend at Amy's

Between the Preach My Gospel training week and the Office Specialist training, we got to go and spend the weekend at Amy's home in Herriman, Utah.  Herriman is a bedroom community in the Salt Lake Valley.  If you are familiar with the Kennicott Cooper Mine (largest open pit copper mine in the world - southwest of Salt Lake City) you can see the tailings from Amy's home due west.  Saturday morning we went to the Hogle Zoo.  It was a sunny day and Gwen our granddaughter showed off her cool style by sporting some very cool sun glasses.

 Lois and I were able to wear our official Elder and Sister Meeker name tags out in public.  I got called Elder Meeker several times.  One time I was chasing Gwen near some young boys - they were surprised and said "its a missionary."  The older boy asked "are you a real missionary?"  I said yes, and introduced myself as Elder Meeker.  The other little boy blurted out we're Mormons.  It was cute.

Sunday Morning we woke up to snow.  (Yes 65 degrees and sunny one day and snowing the next - only in Utah). It put about two inches on the rental car. I had to scrape off the snow in order to take Amy to Choir Practice.  Josh was at Elders Quorum Presidency Meeting.  Josh was sustained as the 1st Counselor in the new Elder's Quorum Presidency last Sunday and set apart this week.  Lois and I got to take Gwen to church in Amy's car (the vehicle with the car seat). Lois was carrying Gwen from the car, the snow was falling on Gwen's head and face. She was so funny - it was a new experience for her. She closed her eyes - thinking that might help alleviate this new sensation.  She got frustrated and threw her head back and that only made it worse as the flakes fell right onto her face.

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