Sunday, November 17, 2013

New Digs

We moved in our condominium on the 22nd floor yesterday. It is a very nice place. 

Below is a link to a You tube video of another unit in or building - very close to our configuration.
The second link is a video tour of the Building including the rooftop swimming pool.
These two videos will give you and idea of the luxury we find ourselves in.

We had an opportunity to Skype with our children and my mother this morning. We enjoyed seeing their faces and hearing their voices. We could not get the simultaneous video to work but we talked to everyone in series. We will work at getting that figured out - we purchased a premium Skype license so it is supposed to work. 

Yesterday was our Preparation day.  Every Saturday we are supposed to get time to prepare for the remainder of the week.  We will attend Church and serve in the Thai Asoke Ward on Sunday. On Monday thru Friday we work in the office during the business hours and then have opportunities to be with the people and do visits/service in the evenings.  Saturday is our day to clean the condo, go shopping, do something fun etc.

Although most things we are doing are fun already.  The experiences are new and exciting.  I got a call from a missionary - who was at the Hospital yesterday in Bangkok. Nothing serious except he came to town from Lopburi (several hours north by bus) without his medical card or enough money to pay his doctor/hospital bill.  So Lois and I went to the office. Lois found a spare picture of him and created a new medical card. I opened the safe and got some petty cash (3000 Baht ~ $100) for him.  We then took a taxi to Bangkok Hospital, about 10 kilometers away. We found him and his companion - gave them what they needed. The rescue was complete.

We took another taxi back to our neighborhood.  I told the doorman at the hospital where we were going and he hailed a taxi for us.  Unfortunately he did not hear me correctly (he told the taxi driver our destination) and we found ourselves getting more of a tour of Bangkok than we intended. As we passed our neighborhood on an elevated roadway I asked the taxi driver - isn't that Soi Asoke (Asoke Street) down there?   After our return, we then had time to go shopping in a neighborhood grocery store. We fixed dinner in the Condo - and of course I had Ice Cream before we went to bed. Yes believe it our not, I still like Ice Cream and they do have it in Thailand.  In fact, Friday for lunch Lois and I went to a nearby mall on an errand and to eat. After lunch, I had Baskin and Robbins Ice Cream.

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  1. Do the elders and sisters have apartments like that? Looks very nice.