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Eating in Thailand

Food is a wonderful thing.  The food experience in Thailand is exotic, exiting and sometimes very surprising.  Since the beginning of my mission I have taken off about 10 lbs.  Now, I do not attribute this to just eating Thai Food.  I think the biggest contributor is that Lois and I exercise every weekday morning.  We get up about 5:45 AM and go to the 28th floor where there is a well equipped exercise Room.  My machine of choice is the treadmill and Lois prefers the elliptical machine. Lois is also using some of the weight machines.  
Sister Meeker, Chiap, and Chamrat

Not long after arriving here a local Thai Family invited us to their home to have dinner with them.  Brother Chamrat Charoenkhet and his wife Chiap had us over for dinner at their flat. Brother Chamrat is a High Councilor in the Bangkok Stake ( only Stake in Thailand).  He has been a member for about 12 years ago.  They served us true Thai food most of which he picked up from the market on the way home from work. If you want to see this true Thai eating experience - you can.  Chamrat has his very own You Tube Channel and yes you guessed it Lois and I made the grade.

Here is the link to this short video clip: Elder & Sister Meeker eating Thai Style.

Big smiles on these Sister Missionaries faces about to start eating
As missionaries we occasionally get together to partake of food.  President Senior and his wife wanted to ensure that all of the Missionaries had a  great meal in celebration for Christmas.  They traveled and hosted a meal with all of the Zones outside of Bangkok.  For the Missionaries in the city they hosted us at a very nice hotel in Downtown Bangkok. It was and "All you can eat Buffett." It had American, Thai and even Chinese food if you wanted that. We had almost 100 missionaries at this gathering including the Senior Missionaries.

Queuing up for Food, Note: Sister Meeker in Line
Elders and some Sisters sitting in another area - chowing down
Sister Meeker in her Christmas Red enjoying Lunch
Sister Meeker with the snack and decorating tables all prepared.
After the luncheon we all took public transportation (above ground rapid trains and then the underground subway) to go to the Asoke Chapel near the office. President Senior conducted a Christmas devotional and then there was more  food.  The Senior Missionary Sisters and Sister Senior had prepared some snacks.  Each Missionary was invited to decorate a sugar cookie or two to eat.  

Missionaries completed with Devotional and about to attack the snacks

Lois in her Kitchen
 There are many times where we do cook our own food (I should say that Lois cooks our food).  We have an adequate kitchen with a Microwave and an electric Stove top.  However the Oven is a large toaster oven  thru the door behind Lois out on the back porch.  It actually sits on top of the Air conditioning exhaust fan.  This evening Sister Meeker is making deserts for a luncheon tomorrow.  I have tasted the brownies and declare them ready to eat. The past Mission President - President Smith is in town and we are honoring his presence with lunch at the service center.  Lois made a cake and is now putting he finishing touches on a Chocolate Brownie pudding truffle desert ... yum yum. 

Probably the two most enjoyable parts about eating in Thailand is the tastes of the Thai Food and the variety of fruits you can get (most of them year round).  There is just something about the Thai Style of cooking that I inherently love.  I guess because I got to experience Thai food for two years early in my life - I do love Thai Food.  I love the hot peppery tastes.  Although I have to admit you can get Thai food too hot...... even for me.  If it is too hot my eyes will water and my nose will run. But I still love the taste.  Lois does a great job of procuring and making our food.  Sometimes we will simply eat out or buy a portion of our meal and eat in our condo.  Either way I am enjoying the food.

Fruits in Thailand are amazing.  We get Bananas off the street vendors about every other day. We keep Papaya, Pomelo, Mango and fresh Pineapple in the house almost constantly.  Right now the small pineapples are in season - they are amazingly sweet. Mangostein ("Mankut") will be in season shortly.  This is one of my very favorite Thai fruits. 
Elder Meeker, President Senior, Elder Fronberg, server,
Elder Steiner, Sister Senior, Sister Meeker
Sometimes us foreigners will get a hankering for non Thai food.  You can get it here in Thailand. They have Subway, KFC, Pizza places, Carls Junior, Krispy Creme Donuts, McDonalds just to name a few. My personal favorite non Thai food is Aunt Annies Pretzels.  Quite often on the way back from the bank I will stop and get a hot Almond Pretzel to share with Lois.   Two Elders (Elder Fronberg and Steiner) came in to town to renew their visas recently. President and Sister Senior invited them out for Dinner since they were in town over night.  They requested Mexican food.  The picture at the left is us at a true Mexican restaurant at Terminal 21 Mall on the corner of Asoke and Sukhumvit roads.  The staff is pretty much 100% Philippino - no they do not speak Thai.  Mexican is not my most favorite food - but this was above average Mexican food.

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