Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It sounded like the sky was falling

Sister Meeker and I were having breakfast a week ago Friday and something that I would call unusual happened.  We heard cracking, breaking and something glass-like landing on the floor.  The sound was coming from the direction of the bedroom.  We went to investigate.  Here is what we found in the Bathroom.

We found multiple tiles cracked on the wall with the spalled off pieces all over the  counter top  and floor.  The spalling event lasted about a minute or so. Kind of creepy when it was happening.  At first I thought some light fixtures had fallen or something.
Exploded pieces of the wall on the counter
Cracked wall tile with spalled area

Cracked Wall Tile

We contacted the Landlord and then we contacted the Condo management.  Apparently this thermal expansion or concrete curing issue has occurred more than once in our condo.  They were aware to this recurring condition.  Condo management arranged for a repair crew to come to our condo.. 

Tile totally removed from wall
This is what it looked like after removal of the cracked tiles.  They did a little bit of void filling after tile removal.  It took pretty much a day to demolish and set up for the re-installation.

Repaired Wall - New Tile installed

The next day a crew of four came and cut the new tile and installed them.  They did a nice job.
New Tile installation with beveled edges of new tile

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