Thursday, January 23, 2014

Elder Meeker's New Kingdom

Sister Meeker and I have been in our positions as the Secretary and the Financial Secretary for the Thailand Bangkok Mission Office for more than two months now.  I thought it appropriate to show some pictures of the office that we work in.

Sister Meeker at the her Secretary Desk
Sister Meeker's desk is the first one you come across when you step in the Mission office work area.  Doesn't she look marvelous.  Notice the pictures of all of the missionaries on the wall to her left. The missionaries are organized by Zone and each zone is on a separate sheet of paper.  We currently have 175 young missionaries serving in the mission.  Also note the dark blue fabric attached to her chair.  That is a pillow sham with  a beautiful Thai deign.  She received two of these for Christmas from the wife of our Thai Office assistant Narin. Sister Meeker proceeded to stake out her chair and her visitor chair with these pillow shams so that people would know that they are her chairs.  Lois has a small candy dish at the corner of her desk that the missionaries sample from as they come and go.  Her preferred candy at this time is something called Sugas.  They are individually wrapped and taste a lot like Starbursts. 

Original Finance Secretary Accommodations
The picture to the right represents the work area that I stepped into.  It was a very functional desk but very small.   If any one knows me well they would be quite aware that I use Post it notes for many     things.  I found my desk was so full of post-it notes, my two computer monitors (yes I did scrounge up an old one to make it two), in box, calendar, an other working papers that I was not very efficient.  Note the large safe behind me to my right.  That is where I kept my petty cash box and a few other valuables.

So I went looking around in the building for what might be availble to improve my work area.  Turns out that the Sevice Center has been in this building for only about a year and 1/2.  So there was a lot of furniture and other office equipment squirrelled away on the upper unused floors of our building.  (Sounds like a future post idea).  I came up with some new furniture to solve my problem.

Elder Meeker's New Financial Kingdom
Note that the large safe is gone.  It is on the opposite side of the room.  I swapped safes with my assistant Narin. His safe was too small and mine was way bigger then it needed to be.  He is required to keep the original passports of all of our Missionaries.  You can see the new small safe directly behind me in the corner.  I have lot's of table space to work now.

Once the new desk was in place Narin looked over at Sister Meeker and he stated " The Kingdom of Elder Meeker"  Thus we can give credit to Narin for the title to this post.

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