Thursday, January 2, 2014

Service Center and Mission Staff

The organization of the church has grown dramatically since I was here 38 yeas ago.  At that time the Mission was the church in Thailand.  I felt that we did every thing that the Church did.  Now the Missionaries which I support do a lot but there is a whole other organization that supports the Church and it's member in Thailand.  They call the office, that these individuals work out of the Service Center.  The Mission headquarters and the Service Center Staff share the same building.

The attached picture from just before Christmas has the Service Center staff and the Mission staff.

Front Row Left to Right: Sister Goodson, Sister Marvel, Sister Meeker, Sister Senior, President Senior, Elder Manning, Sister Manning, Sister Seangsuwan
Middle Row: Elder Goodson, Elder Marvel, Elder Meeker, Seminary/Institute Secretary, Translator, Sister Sasithorn, Sister Nuntuwan, Sister Supreeda  Sister Wanee, Sister Noi, Sister Kanopgwan, Brother Wisan
Back Row: Brother Poonsak, Brother Jonsathid, Brother Rittarong, Brother Ronee, Translator, Brother Narin, Brother Somphon, Brother Chaiyapruek, Brother KC,  Translator
The Service Center is managed by Brother Wisan.  He has a Translation Department, Finance Department, Facilities Management, and Materials Management Department.  In addition he provides support to several of the Senior Missionaries: Public Affairs (Brother and Sister Manning), Humanitarian (Brother and Sister Goodson), Employment Services/Perpetual Education Funding (Brother and Sister Marvel). 

The Thailand Bangkok Mission is of course led by President Senior.  Lois is his secretary and I am his Finance Secretary and Vehicle Coordinator.  I have an assistant (Brother Narin) to help Lois and I perform the myriad of tasks to run the Mission operations.  His major function is to work on the Visa and work permits for all of the non native missionaries.  In addition he arranges all of the travel for the Mission President and any other Mission staff that requires travel support (Assistants to the President and Mission Presidency counselors etc.).  We do have office Missionaries that support us several hours per day.  They sort and send mail. The office elders also order materials for the missionaries and pass on any incoming referrals to the appropriate missionaries.

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