Sunday, March 16, 2014

2nd of 3 missonaries from one family all to serve at the same time from Thailand is Set Apart

Today we had Sister Rakthisud Saedan come to Bangkok with her father and mother.  She is ready to leave the country early tomorrow morning to begin serving her mission.  They flew in from Chiang Mai this evening.  After Church today Sister Meeker and I took the Assistants to the President Van to the Domestic Airport (Don Muang) north of the city. I scoped out the route before I left but I missed the first turn off the Expressway to another Expressway.  So I thought to myself, no problem the other Expressway I am still on goes north just the same - just a little farther to the west.  I have driven from the other expressway to the airport before, So I was expecting no issue with the 1st missed turn. 

When I got off the expressway heading back east everything was going per the back-up plan until I got to the area called government complex. It is an area north of the city where a large portion of the national government has offices.  There are still protesters there blocking the street.  All of the other so called Shut Down Bangkok protest sites have been abandoned. I did not know this site still had blocked streets.  So the traffic was thick and I had to drive around the Government Complex. I am beginning to sweat that I will be late to pick up Sister Rakthisud.  Finally got around that obstacle and then I come to the street that runs north/south under the elevated expressway that I missed back in town. I turn left onto the frontage road next to the divided highway. Feeling pretty good about now, but it is only a few minutes till her airplane will land.  I get to the area to turn into the Airport terminal - but I miss the turn. Not well marked even in Thai.  I think no problem just go the next U-turn spot and all will be well.  Well the next U-turn spot must of been about 10 kilometers north.  There is the expressway above ground the divided highway on the surface with the railway in between.  No place to cross the road.  Really for ~ 10 kilometers.

After I finally get turned around there is major fork in the road, unsure of which to take I take the one to the left.  Wrong. I know this because an airplane flies over head to the right of where we went left. I stop a kilometer down the road and talk to a roadside vendor and ask how to get to the airport.  He tells me to go a few hundred meters do a U-turn then a kilometer back to a left hand turn that becomes anther U-turn.  A few minutes later we enter the airport and search for the pick up area.  Not as obvious as it should be.  We do finally get there about 40 minutes after the Saedan family had landed. We had called them so they knew we were running behind schedule.

On the way back to town I really enjoyed talking to Brother Seadan and his wife and daughter.  He has been a member for over 30 years - his wife for over 25 years.  I commented on the names of his Children that have been called on Missions.  He and his wife have 7 children total.  His older son Suriya is serving in NongKhai (northeastern Thailand) right across the river from Vientiene Laos.  His daughter Rakthisud about 23 years old. She is an accomplished piano player having studied Music in College.  Her name means " Love the Most".  She has been called to Serve in the California, San Diego Mission.  She is headed for the Provo MTC Tomorrow morning. Her other younger Brother Yodrak is to serve in the Utah St. George Mission and will leave for the Provo MTC in two weeks.  His name also has the word for Love in it. Sister Seadan's name is Sudthirak. Her name means Most to Love. Brother Saedan's first name is Somchai - Som means suitable - well matched.  I love dissecting the Thai language and the names of people. Most of the actual names have real meaning.  Many Thais also however had playful (nick-names) names that they use with there friends.

When we go to the Office President Senior set Sister Rakthisud apart as a missionary.  He will get that opportunity to do that for her brother Yodrak in just two weeks.

President & Sister Senior, Rathsud, Sudthirak, & Somchai Sae-dan, Sister & Elder Meeker

We believe the Sae-dan family is the first Thai Family to have 3 Missionary Children all serving at the same time.  I believe it will be featured in the Thai Version of the Liahona in a few months. 

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