Friday, March 14, 2014

Change is constant and good

During the end of Febraury we welcomed in 14 new missionaries, 13 Elders and one Sister.

It was a busy time with 98% of the mission affected.  Meaning they either had a new person move into their house/apartment, moved themselves or had a new companion. Almost all of the missionaries were at the meeting.  You may notice in some social sites that said we got 13 new missionaries.  Well the number was actually 14.  Let me tell you the rest of the story.  Sister Black the one sister in the group traveled with the Elders all the way to SanFranciso.  Once there, she discovered hat she no longer had her Passport.  So the Elders were directed to continue on without her.  Her passport was located in the Salt Lake Airport and was forwarded to her.  She caught a plane about 12 hours later.  So for those activities you saw the missionaries participate in such as: lunch and the roof top pictures she was absent.  Sister Meeker and I went to the Airport at about midnight to pick her up.  We brought her to our condo where she slept in the spare bedroom.  We reunited her with her MTC group after breakfast and we took them all to the Transfer meeting together. 

Just yesterday we had an interim transfer where 3 local missionaries (two from Thailand and one from Lao) completed their 2 weeks of training at the Philippines MTC and joined the mission. So I have another round of closing/opening apartments, phone changes and house leader changes to account for.  House leaders are the missionaries who I send reimbursement money to for expenditures of things for each group of missionaries that live in the  same house.  Items include Transportation costs, Water, Electricity, Drinking Water, Cleaning supplies, Toilet Paper, Batteries and the like. 

Also arriving in Thailand 1 hour before the local missionaries was a new senior couple from the United States.  I rented them a condominium in the same building that we live in.  I have been doing lot's of different things working with landlords and missionaries. Always something new to do and especially fun is the new Words in Thai that I get to learn.  I can not get over the response of the Thai people when I speak Thai.  They are so surprised and say over and over again - O you speak so clearly. They always ask me how long I have been in Thailand. Of course, I say 4 months and they are even more shocked.  Then I have to tell them that this is my second time learning Thai. I spoke really great Thai 36 years ago when I left Thailand after spending 22 months in country. 

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