Thursday, March 20, 2014

Missonary returns home from England

This morning Sister Meeker and I went to the International Airport (via the Airport Link sky train).  We went there to meet a returning Missionary.  Her Name is Sister Kanda Kannasut.

We went there to escort her and her family to the Mission Office so you could be officially released as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints after serving faithfully n the England London Mission for 18 months.

Since most of Thailand is covered by Districts (five different geographical church areas) the Mission President has many of the same responsibilities that normally fall upon Stake Presidents for members in those areas.  Thailand does have one Stake covering a large section of Bangkok.  However, since Sister Kannasut comes from Korat in Northeastern Thailand ( Khon Kaen District), she needs to be released from her missionary service by the Mission President.  
Mr. Cookie (Father), Sister Kannasut, Mother, and Younger Sister Lek

I met Sister Kannasut's Mother, Father and one of her Sisters when we got to the airport.  He father drives a Tuk-Tuk in Korat.  A Tuk Tuk is a 3 wheeled taxi with  covered bench seat. He gave me his card.  He calls himself Mr. Cookie "There is only one Tuk Tuk in Korat who knows everything."  He was very fun to talk to.  On the Sky train ride back to the office they were amazed at my Thai speaking ability.  It is so fun to talk to Thai people.  It was like we were old friends that were getting acquainted again.  Wow!

President Seangsuwan and Sister Kannasut

President Senior was not able to release Sister Kannasut due to the fact that his is in Udorn today holding a Zone Conference with Missionaries serving in that area of the country.  He asked his Mission Presidency Second Counselor Mani Seangsuwan to release Sister Kannasut.

It was a great morning.

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