Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Drinking in Thailand

Sister Meeker and I have a great opportunity to try out all of the available drinks (non alcoholic) that that there are here.  There are lots of choices each and every day.  Today I was tempted on my trip back to the office just prior to lunch. I had gone to the office supply store to pick up some lead for my mechanical pencil.  The picture below depicts the results.

My choices for lunch
The little bottle contains a fruity yogurt drink  that Lois really likes.  This one has an orangish flavor.  Other choices are strawberry and fruit (remember my post about bubble gum flavor).  We had brought that from the condo to be our drink for lunch.  The orange bottle in the middle is fresh squeezed orange juice.  When I say fresh - I mean fresh.  They are squeezing it on the street as we pass by.  That little bottle costs a whole 30 cents.  Now for the two large cups.  It is called Ovaltine cool (remember in Thai the adjectives come after the noun).  So a true English speaker would call it Iced Ovaltine.  It starts with Ovaltine powder spooned into a small mixing cup.  Then the street vendor adds several spoonful's of sweetened condensed milk and a dribble of evaporated milk.  Then a cup of hot water is added.  The vendor then stirs the concoction vigorously.  The vendor then opens a large ice chest fills the cup to overflowing with ice. Next the hot mixture is poured over the cup of Ice.  It is topped off with a few more dribbles of Evaporated milk. A cap is applied, placed in a bag and a straw is provided.  And for 19 Baht (About 55 cents) you get to walk away with this sweet cool refreshing concoction.   

Lois and I quite often have our refrigerator filled with the local juice concoctions.  Pomegrante - which is mixed with red grape juice.  They have mangosteen juice which also has some grape juice added. In addition they offer Kiwi juice now this can get a little thick and slimy looking.  On the street, besides the orange juice you can get freshly squeezed 100% pomegranate or Coconut milk (which is served still in the shell).

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