Saturday, March 29, 2014

Weekend Market

Me in 2011 over looking a portion of the Jatujak Market
We had the opportunity to go to the Weekend Market at Jautujak on Saturday - our preparation day.  It is a very large market with literally thousands of stalls that are filled with everything imaginable - from crafts, to luggage, to clothes, to pets, and food and everything in between.

Main walking area in Jatujak Market

Typical interior aisle way

Another interior aisle way
Lois has been interested in finding a Thai style Nativity Set. She found the one pictured at right made from Celedon ceramics. She thought it was quite expensive so she didn't get it yesterday.   I predict before we leave Thailand that we will own this set. 

Sunday Morning on the balcony
When I came home from Thailand in 1977 as a young missionary, I brought home  a dress for my mother.  After we got married my mother passed this Thai dress onto Lois.  Lois loved to wear it around the house.  It was a dark blue one piece pullover dress.  I understand it was very comfortable.  It eventually wore out.   Lois has now found a new house dress.  We spent the equivalent of 9 dollars on this dress.

  We took the new Self Reliance/Perpetual Education Couple - Elder and Sister Seppi with us to the market.  They have been in Country for about two weeks.  We had lunch at the Market.  I had a Thai shrimp dish, Lois had some Garlic Chicken. Elder Seppi had fried rice and Sister Seppi had  a Thai noodle dish.  I also had a blended Ice Drink made with fresh Pineapple. Lois had one made with Watermelon. It reminded me of our vacation trip to Thailand where I had a blended Ice drink on the beach every night with dinner. Yum Yum.

After we were done perusing the Market (we no-where near saw even a 1/10th of the Market) we went to the neighboring park.   It was vey pleasant place to visit.  It was being well used - lots of people there.

I bought some bird and fish food so that we could feed the animals.  Elder Seppi enjoyed feeding the pigeons.  They were more exciting than the fish.  Note the Thais lounging on the grass in the background.  The mats that they are on are available to rent in the Park.  There are entrepreneurs walking around offering them to you to rent as you stroll through the park.  There are others walking around with snacks and cold drinks bringing them right to you if you desire to buy. 

Elder Seppi with pigeons gathering

Some of the fish were huge and some smaller. There were even several turtles that came for the
food.  The fish seemed to be fairly well fed.  They did not attack the food like the fish we saw in Ayuthaya several months ago. 
Sister Meeker and Sister Seppi feeding the Fish and Turtles.

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